How to Join?

How to join the session

Currently, the live session takes place online via Zoom and YouTube, usually on a weekly basis. Anyone who is keen on the inner exploration for peace and clarity is welcome to join.

If you would like to receive an email about how to join the session, click the button below or this link to fill in the form, and you will receive an email in a few minutes.

The live session is also being announced on a few social platforms to reach as many people as possible. If you are using one of these social platforms, you may check out the date and time and join from there.

YouTube channel

Subscribe to Mindiverse YouTube Channel, the the session is live, you will be notified.


Check out the weekly sessions via

Facebook The session is also streamed via Facebook as well usually.

Don't forget to give a "Like" to Mindiverse Facebook page. :-)


Join via the clarity course

If one is serious about the inner exploration and would like to get on with meditation in a structured way, one can choose to join the clarity course, which is also free and donation-based. For more information about the course, check out

The extra benefit of joining the course, besides the weekly meditation session:

  1. One picks up the meditation technique systematically with the help of audio guide and other resources.

  2. Commit oneself to a period of time (9 weeks) to practice meditation in the daily life, effecting the real change of the mind. (meditation does not narrowly mean some concrete technique here).

  3. Online Telegram group/community to meet different meditation practitioners to encourage each other to practice.

Share this live session with more people

To bring clarity to more people (many people have all kinds of wanting, but they are not aware that they need clarity), anyone is welcome to help spread this live session. One can share in different ways or the way one wants.

  1. Share this website with more people.

  2. Share this flyer as pictures with more people: two pictures on the right (front and back)

  3. Print the flyer and share the paper flyer. (A5 size, single sized or double sized). (PDF file)

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