About the speaker

Chao (Cico) Zhang is the speaker of this free session, where he guides the attendees through this journey of wisdom, humanity and compassion, helping each one independently investigate the mind and get the clarity. His speaking style is simple, intuitive, practical, but never devoid of profundity.

Cico is a philosopher of human minds, Zen teacher, public speaker and generalist (mathematics, AI, biology, neural science and philosophy, English & Chinese language, western and eastern realities, human consciousness). He sees clearly that all issues are human issues, all kinds of neuroticism. He explains the nature of mind and the meaning of meditation from diverse aspects, bringing the total understanding of life. This totality is the key to clarity.

Cico is also the founder of Mindiverse, a non-profit initiative that aims at bringing clarity to people. Mindiverse is both active in English and Chinese world. In China, Mindiverse audios and videos have received 3 million views.

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To bring clarity to more people (many people have all kinds of wanting, but they are not aware that they need clarity), anyone is welcome to help spread this live session. One can share in different ways or the way one wants.

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